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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Gramma Sez:  What steps can we take together to influence our families, communities and humanity to recognize the only ACTION NOW, that will save the life of our planet earth, is love?

GrammaSez: The goal of this blogspot is to enable us to communicate and learn together about what changes we agree need to happen. I believe we can take ActionNow to reclaim our government and the resources from the 1%.




1) Gramma will present a video position on an issue and make suggestions for ACTION NOW to begin the change process.  Selecting the "YES" button on our polling station will indicate your support for the position we are considering.
2) Gramma invites you to email your ideas or make blog comments about ACTIONS NOW to implement each video position. Results will be summarized and posted so we can move to united actions.
3) If you would like to ask Gramma a question about her position on an issue of your concern send an email! Gramma will do her best to respond.
Use the email below to report your feedback and questions.

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The Unconventional Convention on Oct 14 at Presence Studio in Bellingham will be an expression of our ingenuity and creativity to overcome divisiveness and learn how to unite for the common good.  Gramma Sez: “We have the technology - computers and cell phones - to voice our collective ideas instantly and then decide what actions to take to solve mutual problems. This new process of communication can be the basis of a collaborative ‘Companion Government’.  Since the persons we elect don’t really act for US, we will select together what actions we can take to achieve a fair share of the benefits from our own decisions and labor.  Our goal is the happiness and welfare of all of US regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or sexual persuasion.”